Bittered Sling Bitters - Canada | Denman
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Recipes  •  Out of Stock

Wok fired allspice, cloves, South Asian floral pepper, anise, bright aromatic bitter finish


Beverage recommendations: Excellent to add a little kick and complexity to otherwise simple cocktails. Denman shines with tropical fruits, teas, oak-matured spirits and savoury cocktails like a Bloody Mary or Caesar.


Cooking recommendations: The spice of life – the sky is the limit for enhancements using Denman bitters. It’s character changes with light heat, and a couple of drops while deglazing a pan adds instant Ayurvedic aromatherapy. The combination of spices and ingredients lends itself well to all culinary applications where a slightly spicy twist is desired.

Nutritional Facts

30 mL Bottles
120 mL Bottles